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Defending against Wrongful Looting Charges in South Florida After Hurricane Irma

Wrongful looting charges are popping up in south Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Police are trying to send a message to looters by prosecuting anyone and everyone caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, with [...]

How does Florida’s first-time DUI offender program work?

On Memorial Day Weekend, Tiger Woods was found by police on the side of the road in Palm Beach County, Florida. He was so disoriented that he initially told the police he thought he was [...]

Client found "Not Guilty" in importing of two tons of cocaine on a freighter sailing into Miami, Florida

Attorney David Joffe represented a crew member of a large freighter sailing into Miami, Florida. The client was indicted in the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division as a co-conspirator […]

Probation negotiated for client charged with Oxycodone trafficking and two probation violations

Attorney David Joffe was retained to represent a client that had been driving her boyfriend’s car in Lake City, Florida. The client was charged with Trafficking in Oxycodone […]

Client released after charges of violating conditions of sex offender supervision

Attorney David Joffe was retained to represent individual charged with violating the terms and conditions of his sex offender supervision that had been transferred to Texas from Green Cove Springs, Florida. […]

Soliciting a minor case resolved with probation in highly publicized Daytona Beach sting operation

Attorney David Joffe was retained to represent client charged with Soliciting a Minor via the Internet for Sex in Daytona Beach, Florida.  After taking depositions of ten witnesses in Volusia County and Gainesville, Florida and [...]

Client found "Not Guilty" in Go Fast Vessel alien smuggling case

Attorney David Joffe represented an individual charged with Alien Smuggling in the USDC in Key West, Florida.  David Joffe’s client was the purported driver of the Go Fast Vessel.  The case involved the smuggling of [...]

Case dismissed and State Prison avoided after a probation arrest

Attorney David Joffe was retained to represent an individual on probation in Broward County, Florida.  The client had a new arrest/case in Fort Myers, Florida (Lee County).  David Joffe argued a Motion to Suppress before [...]

Lesser charges and no criminal record in a reckless driving case

Attorney David Joffe represented a client in an insurance fraud matter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Broward County).The client had initially retained another lawyer who wanted the client to plead and be placed on probation. David [...]

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