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International Crimes

International Crimes 2017-09-25T12:50:24+00:00

Legal defense for foreign clients and U.S. citizens abroad

Whether you’re a foreign national detained in the U.S. or an American citizen under arrest or investigation in a foreign country, we can help you get through this terrifying experience.

The attorneys at Joffe Law, P.A. have the skill it takes to help you navigate the complicated and stressful issues that come with any criminal proceeding. We’re also highly effective when it comes to specific transnational criminal acts, especially in the areas of money laundering and drug trafficking.

We understand the complex rules and regulations of international treaties, agreements and procedures governing cross-border cases, and we can help clients understand their rights during arrest and extradition proceedings in the U.S. In addition, our lawyers can provide support to local counsel during investigations and prosecutions in 0ther countries. Wherever you are, the attorneys at Joffe Law, P.A. are on your side, helping you cut through complicated international red-tape, as well as helping you through language barriers, if necessary.

Call attorney David Joffe today at 954-723-0007 for a free consultation. We can help you regain control of the situation and protect your rights and your freedom.