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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Hundreds of individuals in Florida are charged with workers’ compensation fraud every year. If you under investigation by a law enforcement agent from the Division of Insurance fraud, it is critical that you obtain experienced criminal defense representation immediately. You have rights, and there are ways to protect yourself before, during, and after the investigation.

Workers’ compensation fraud cases are aggressively prosecuted in Florida. Investigators often hire private investigators to follow individuals under investigation and video tape their daily movements. More importantly, law enforcement may question individuals even if they are innocent of any wrong-doing. It is never in an individual’s best interest to speak to workers’ compensation fraud investigators, unless that have already obtained and consulted with a criminal defense attorney.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with workers’ compensation fraud, call attorney David Joffe immediately.

Workers’ Compensation Premium Fraud in Florida

The largest threat to the workers’ compensation market, according to The Florida Department of Financial Services, is workers’ compensation premium fraud. Workers’ compensation premium fraud results in claims for which premiums were never collected.

Money Service Business-Facilitated Workers’ Compensation Fraud

The Florida’s DIF Investigative Task Force has been created to investigate money service-business facilitated workers’ compensation fraud. Money service business-facilitated workers’ compensation fraud in Florida is when workers are discovered on job sites who are not reported as employees on any workers’ compensation policy. Instead, the crew “rents” a certificate of a “shell” company that was set up to avoid the workers’ compensation requirements.

Some of these individuals who use the shell company scheme also use undocumented foreign national laborers in order to avoid paying workers’ compensation insurance premiums, as well as state and federal taxes. Often the insurance certificates of the shell company are being used by dozens of crew leaders all throughout the State of Florida.

The number of prosecutions for this type of workers’ compensation fraud has skyrocketed, and often include state racketeering charges based on the range of offenses.

Joffe Law, P.A. has protected the livelihoods, reputations, and freedom of hundreds of business owners and individuals facing a range of fraud charges. If you are under investigation or are being charged with workers’ compensation premium fraud or money service business-facilitated workers’ compensation fraud call Attorney David Joffe to regain control of the situation. Call our office at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced defense you need.