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Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud

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Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

Mail fraud and/or wire fraud charges, which often accompany securities fraud charges, are described as the use of mail to further a scheme to defraud. The scheme does not have to be successful in order for the government to obtain a conviction, and each alleged fraudulent mailing is a separate offense. Conspiracy to commit mail fraud may also be charged as a mail fraud offense. Additionally, in the wire fraud statute, the government must prove that the defendant intentionally participated in a scheme to defraud, and used wire communications to further that scheme. Investment fraud or “ponzi scheme” charges often accompany mail fraud and/or wire fraud charges.

These are complex charges that can be levied by both state and federal prosecutors. Penalties for these charges often are severe, and prosecutors put the full weight of their agencies into aggressive prosecution of defendants. If you are facing mail or wire fraud charges, then you must take swift action to secure the aggressive defense of your freedom.

Attorney David Joffe has successfully represented individuals in in hundreds of state and federal complex cases. Experience and a deep knowledge of both federal and state courts is imperative to a successful defense, and David Joffe delivers these qualities with an uncompromising  dedication to his clients.

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