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Telemarketing Fraud

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Telemarketing Fraud

Defending clients charged with federal telemarketing fraud requires a particular set of defense techniques and resources. Joffe Law, P.A. has successfully helped numerous clients avoid jail time and serious fines for charges of telemarketing fraud. These federal charges often begin with complex “sting” operations conducted by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These federal agencies have prosecuted thousands of individuals for telemarketing fraud, sentencing them to prison and heavy fines. Attorney David Joffe has defended hundreds of clients facing serious legal consequences for telemarketing and other federal fraud charges.

Federal law enforcement and white-collar crime agencies keep a keen eye out for possible telemarketing fraud operations. In defending individuals accused of telemarketing fraud crimes, it is critical to hire an attorney with experience in all stages of the process, including the initial investigation, extradition, arrests, grand jury indictments, bail hearings, arraignment, plea negotiations, trials, verdicts, pre-sentencing investigation and reports, post-conviction appeals, writs and motions, probation, jail or prison and parole.

Types of telemarketing fraud crimes include:

  • Gimme Gifts Scams
  • Charity Schemes
  • Prize Promotion Scams
  • Advanced Payment Scams
  • Magazine Promotion Schemes
  • Office Supply Scams
  • Lottery Ticket Scams
  • Tax Payment Schemes
  • Vending Machine Schemes
  • Fraud Loan Schemes
  • Jury Service Scams
  • Impersonating Public Officials
  • Credit Card Scams

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