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Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud

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Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud

The number of mortgage fraud cases being prosecuted has ballooned in the last several years. Often, these cases may begin in state courts and end up being prosecuted in federal court. The complexity of these cases is only matched by the myriad way federal prosecutors charge defendants. Federal prosecutors often charge defendants with mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud or even money laundering, when prosecuting mortgage fraud cases. The prosecutors use these various laws to go after people who supposedly had something to do with fraudulent real estate transactions. Just about every aspect of a real estate deal involves something being sent through the mails or over the Internet, thus giving prosecutors wide latitude to use the mail and wire fraud statutes. Additionally, most real estate transactions include financing from some bank or mortgage institution. Therefore, the federal bank fraud laws come into play in many such matters. Finally, it is a very common practice for a federal prosecutor to include money laundering charges in a situation that seems to be a fairly straightforward mortgage case.

If you are under investigation or are facing charges related to mortgage or real estate fraud it is critical you hire an attorney experienced in the complexities of these federal criminal cases. Attorney David Joffe has represented more than 700 clients in federal criminal trials and hundreds more in federal appeals and pot-conviction proceedings. Call Joffe Law, P.A. today at 954-723-0007 to protect your future, your reputation, and your freedom.