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Internet & Computer Fraud

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Internet and Computer Fraud

Computer or Internet fraud are crimes that are most often prosecuted in federal court. These charges stem from any alleged act whereby a computer or the Internet is used to gain advantage or to deprive a person or business of money, assets, property by use of deception or misrepresentation. However, using cutting-edge technologies, Attorney David Joffe fights for your rights using techniques that other defense teams do not possess. Call today to get the the tech-savvy team at David Joffe, P.A. on your case, using court-tested forensic and eDiscovery techniques to defend against charges of computer and Internet fraud.

Often, innocent individuals fall victim to this type of fraud. Typically, computer or Internet fraud occurs when a business or fraudulent organization poses as a legitimate business, and attempts to take advantage of others. Often, after the fraud takes place, law enforcement closes in, and innocent bystanders are targeted for prosecution. Meanwhile, the real offenders are long-gone, leaving prosecutors to focus on those they have in custody.

Prosecutors are aggressive in their pursuit of convictions in cases of computer and Internet fraud. It is critical that you understand your rights and obtain experienced federal criminal defense representation. If charged in federal court, the burden of proof for a conviction is less than that of the State. However, federal cases are wildly complex, and there is no substitute for experience when facing federal charges. Penalties may range from 1 to 20 years in prison, depending on the circumstances of the offense and the evidence against you. In some cases, a conviction may be awarded for each separate computer that was used to perpetrate the fraudulent activity.

Most often, Internet crimes are prosecuted under the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 (CFAA). The act is intended to reduce hacking of computer systems as well as to reduce computer fraud and other computer crimes. The CFAA has many broad definitions of conduct committed through use of the Internet. Activities prohibited under the CFAA include intentionally accessing protected information from U.S. agencies or departments, intentionally damaging others’ computers, trafficking in passwords and other similar information.

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