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Credit Card fraud

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Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud charges are complex and can be prosecuted in state and federal courts. These crimes often attract media attention, therefore prosecutors feel pressure to put the full weight of their agencies behind the conviction of these defendants. Most often, credit card fraud is prosecuted by the U.S. Secret Service.

Credit card fraud charges include counterfeiting credit cards, using lost or stolen cards, and fraudulently acquiring credit cards through the mail. Another form of credit card fraud is misappropriation, the crime of using a credit card number by itself to make purchases. Using a credit card attached to a closed account, or a card that has been lost or stolen to purchase anything of value can also result in charges of credit card fraud. Most credit card fraud today takes place through on the Internet.

When federal and state prosecutors leverage all the resources at their disposal to punish those accused of credit card fraud crimes, it is crucial that you obtain experienced, aggressive criminal defense representation. Attorney David Joffe has successfully defended clients in front of hundreds of federal and state juries. Contact Joffe Law, P.A. at 954-723-0007 today to get the experienced representation you need.