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Bankruptcy Fraud

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Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud takes several forms. If you attempt to gift assets or property to family or friends in an effort to hide these assets, you can be prosecuted for bankruptcy fraud. Using credit cards after bankruptcy is filed carries a fraud charge, as does using multiple identities, or singular identities to file bankruptcy in different states. If you are being charged with any of these activities, you could be facing substantial consequences if you are found guilty.

Bankruptcy fraud convictions carry possible jail time and heavy fines. Bankruptcy trustees are backed by computer forensic specialists hired to track your property and asset transfers and investigators are relentless in their attempts to obtain evidence of this type of fraud.

It is critical to obtain technologically savvy legal representation immediately if you are under investigation, or have been charged with, any form of bankruptcy fraud. Attorney David Joffe has the experience and the resources to aggressively defend clients against charges of bankruptcy fraud. Call our office at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced defense you need.