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Felony Sex Crimes

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Felony Sex Crimes

Few crimes receive as much media attention—and change lives forever—like sexually motivated crimes. 

In addition to lengthy criminal penalties, a conviction can include the lifelong burden of sex offender registration, and even mere allegations could devastate your professional and family life. 

How you handle a sex crime investigation can change the course of your entire life. Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney David Joffe knows how to respond to these charges, walk you through any media minefields, and stop any harassing or potentially dangerous behavior from the public or media.

Most sex crimes fit within the jurisdiction of the state in which they occur. However, the federal government uses its power to regulate sex crimes on the Internet, including production, distribution or receipt of underage pornography or other illegal materials of a sexual nature.

It is shockingly easy for innocent people to inadvertently access or come into contact with illegal pornography, or to become implicated as an alleged accomplice. If you are being investigated, or have been charged with this type of conduct, it’s crucial to contact attorney David Joffe to defend your rights. Call our office at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced representation you need.