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Felony Environmental Law Violations

Felony Environmental Law Violations 2017-09-25T12:03:29+00:00

Environmental Law and Criminal EPA Violations

The difference between civil and criminal environmental law and EPA violations is often unclear. This lack of clarity is compounded by the fact that, unlike in many other areas of criminal law, even negligent—rather than intentional or knowing—violation of certain environmental laws may result in a conviction.

Prosecutors have enormous discretion in whether or not to bring charges, and though the Department of Justice has established guidelines for levying charges, these guidelines are not binding under the law. Due to the government’s discretion in choosing between civil and criminal remedies, cooperation with EPA and other federal investigators can often persuade prosecutors to withhold criminal charges.

The only way to regain control when investigations or charges of environmental crimes are being waged is to hire an attorney experienced in defending environmental crimes. Attorney David Joffe has represented more than 600 clients in federal criminal trials and hundreds more in federal appeal and post-conviction proceedings. He can help you to make sense of the complex environmental statutes and guide you through the civil and regulatory investigative procedures that precede or accompany a criminal environmental investigation. Call Joffe Law, P.A. today at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced representation you need.