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Felony Embezzlement

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Felony Embezzlement

If you’ve been accused of embezzlement or related crimes, such as financial or business fraud, professional theft, or negligent or intentional wrongdoing, it’s crucial to retain Attorney David Joffe right away. Because of the potential for drawn-out public proceedings, severe, life-changing consequences, and damaging media attention, you’ll need an unflappable attorney that won’t bend to the bullying of reporters and prosecutors.

Laws related to business crimes become more complex every day, and prosecutors may spend months or years gathering evidence to make a case against you.

In one such case of alleged felony embezzlement, a woman in Sebring, Florida was charged with a first degree felony for her alleged complicity in diverting over $1 million in assets from a medical office. Attorney David Joffe convinced the prosecutor to use the client as a cooperating witness, and she was not charged with the offense that could have resulted in 20 years in a state prison.

Many cases are won or lost very early in the legal process, and Joffe Law knows how to ensure that law enforcement and prosecutors handle your case properly. That means protecting you against investigators who could intimidate or mislead you into giving up your Constitutional rights. 

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