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Felony Domestic Violence

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Felony Domestic Violence

Attorney David Joffe knows how to mount a strong legal defense against charges of felony domestic violence. With his experience using evidence, legal precedence, eyewitness testimony and a spectrum of other tools, he can keep your assets and reputation in good standing. Furthermore, he won’t let gender stereotypes cloud the courtroom or obscure the truth behind the indictment.

Often, over-zealous prosecutors will charge the alleged perpetrator with the most serious offense possible. Other times, the alleged victim will exaggerate or falsify testimony. In one such case, Attorney David Joffe conducted an investigation of his own using a number of tools at his disposal. Through eyewitness testimony, Mr. Joffe proved that the allegations leveled against his client were false. Mr. Joffe’s client went free. 

Domestic violence defense attorneys are essential to keeping your assets and reputation in good standing. Don’t let accusations become a reason for your family, friends or business associates to doubt your character.

To secure an acquittal, attorney David Joffe needs to start work today. The early stages of any investigation are the most critical when defending against a conviction that could result in imprisonment, restraining orders, loss of child visitation rights and loss of livelihood. If you feel your character is under attack, call attorney David Joffe today. Call our office at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced defense you need.