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Felony Bribery

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Felony Bribery

Convictions of bribery carry stiff fines and possible jail time, whether the charges involve a government employee, public figure, juror, witness, or bank official. However, due to the way these laws are written – the language is often broad and vague – it’s possible that everyday business practices could be misinterpreted as intentional bribery. 

Criminal Defense Attorney David Joffe has defended more than 500 federal criminal cases with an unparalleled success rate. It’s his experience securing successful acquittals and sentence reductions in serious cases that you need on your side, especially when it comes to complex cases that involve alleged corruption or financial wrongdoing. 

It’s critical to retain counsel today, because one false move – even in the earliest stages of a case – can ruin a business reputation that took a lifetime to build. Recognized as one of the best lawyers in Florida, Attorney David Joffe has developed the experience and grit it takes to deal with prosecutors, judges, grand juries, and the media – all with one goal: protecting you with the best legal counsel available. Call our office at 954-723-0007 to get the experienced defense you need.