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Expunge Criminal Records

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Expunging Criminal Records

A single arrest may be removed entirely from an individual’s record in certain situations. This includes hiding the record from the eyes of prospective employers, loan officers, adoption agencies, and even government officials. When a criminal record is desired removed, the ultimate goal is to have it expunged.

What is expunging a criminal record?

Expunging a criminal record is similar to sealing it. Records that are sealed are not publicly accessible, and, in most cases, are not accessible by most government agencies.

While sealed records are accessible under certain scenarios, expunged records are not. If a governmental or related agency would request an expunged record, it would receive a statement indicating that “Criminal Information has been Expunged from this Record,” and any agency would not have access to an expunged record without a court order. 

Most important: once a record is successfully expunged, you may state legally that you have not been convicted of or arrested for that particular offense.

Who’s eligible?

To qualify to have your criminal record expunged, you must not have been convicted of any criminal offenses (including those not relating to the record you would like sealed), and you must not have ever sealed or expunged a prior arrest record in the State of Florida.

How do I get started?

If you think you might be eligible to expunge a criminal record, our attorneys at Joffe Law, P.A. can help. You will begin by completing an application to the FDLE for a Certificate of Eligibility, then information must be submitted to the Courts, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience sealing and expunging criminal records, which means the process is as quick and seamless as possible. A single arrest on a record can have detrimental effects when it comes to employment, education, or background checks. The process of removing the arrest from your public record is well worth the investment.

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