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Violation of Probation

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Violation of Probation

Violation of probation is a serious charge, because the legal system sees it as a breach of trust between the court and the defendant. If that trust is broken, the penalty is almost always swift and severe.

If a probation officer or prosecutor files a charge of probation violation against a Florida citizen, he or she may be sentenced to prison, county detention, community service, longer probation terms, increased levels of supervision, monitored sobriety, alcohol or drug therapy and/or increased fines and court fees.

Attorney David Joffe is an expert at defending his clients when it comes to slip-ups related to probation. He’s got more than a decade of experience demonstrating a client’s willingness to lead a productive life, and showing the court that jail time is not the only solution. When necessary, he bridges the gap between clients and their probation officers, and clarifies the conditions of probation so his client doesn’t repeat the offense.

In any case, without Mr. Joffe’s help, a court may rush to judgment based solely upon the complaint of your probation officer or other parties. In addition to his clear, expert guidance, attorney David Joffe prepares full presentations on his clients’ behalf, taking all reasonable steps to set a court date to review your infraction, and proposes remedies that the court may find useful, rather than mandatory jail time. If you’ve been charged with any offense related to your probation, it’s critical to call today.