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State Felony Appeals

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State Felony Appeals

After a guilty verdict, there are ways to challenge a Florida court’s ruling. However, post-conviction law calls for an attorney with specific experience and skill in the area, and an attorney with an impressive record of success. When it comes to state felony appeals, Attorney David Joffe is your best option. He’s an expert when it comes to receiving vindication after a conviction.

Felony appeals are serious business, and attorney David Joffe has worked with incarcerated clients to challenge their imprisonment through a number of federal procedures. In the past, Mr. Joffe succeeded after other legal teams failed.

In one such case, a defendant was found guilty of a crime after being defended by a different attorney. When the client retained Joffe Law, P.A. for the appeal, one charge was vacated completely – and the client won back his freedom through non-reporting probation. Attorney David Joffe is well known for this kind of success, so if you or a loved one has been incarcerated, it’s crucial to let attorney David Joffe mount your defense. His record and reputation for successful appeals, including sentence reductions and vacated charges, is the kind of defense you need on your side.