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Florida Rules of Procedure
Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure

Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure

9.010 Effective Date and Scope

9.020 Definitions

9.030 Jurisdiction of Courts

9.040 General Provisions

9.050 Maintaining Privacy of Personal Data

9.100 Original Proceedings

9.110 Appeal Proceedings to Review Final Orders of Lower Tribunals and Orders Granting New Trial in Jury and Non-jury Cases

9.120 Discretionary Proceedings to Review Decisions of District Courts of Appeal

9.125 Review of Trial Court Orders and Judgments Certified by the District Courts of Appeal as Requiring Immediate Resolution by the Supreme Court

9.130 Proceedings to Review Non-final Orders and Specified Final Orders

9.140 Appeal Proceedings in Criminal Cases

9.141 Review Proceedings in Collateral or Postconviction Criminal Cases; Belated Appeals; Belated Discretionary Review; Ineffective Assistance of Appellate Counsel

9.142 Procedures for Review in Death Penalty Cases

9.145 Appeal Proceedings in Juvenile Delinquency Cases

9.146 Appeal Proceedings in Juvenile Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights Cases and Cases Involving Families and Children in Need of Services

9.150 Discretionary Proceedings to Review Certified Questions From Federal Courts

9.160 Discretionary Proceedings to Review Decisions of County Courts

9.180 Appeal Proceedings to Review Workers' Compensation Cases

9.190 Judicial Review of Administrative Action

9.200 The Record

9.210 Briefs

9.220 Appendix

9.225 Notice of Supplemental Authority

9.300 Motions

9.310 Stay Pending Review

9.315 Summary Disposition

9.320 Oral Argument

9.330 Rehearing; Clarification; Certification

9.331 Determination of Causes in a District Court of Appeal En Banc

9.340 Mandate

9.350 Dismissal of Causes

9.360 Parties

9.370 Amicus Curiae

9.400 Costs and Attorneys Fees

9.410 Sanctions

9.420 Filing; Service of Copies; Computation of Time

9.430 Proceedings by Indigents

9.440 Attorneys

9.500 Advisory Opinions to the Governor

9.510 Advisory Opinions to the Attorney General

9.600 Jurisdiction of Lower Tribunal Pending Review

9.700 Mediation Rules

9.710 Eligibility for Mediation

9.720 Mediation Procedures

9.730 Appointment and Compensation of the Mediator

9.740 Completion of Mediation

9.800 Uniform Citation System

9.900 Forms



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