How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

June 10, 2014

Often, we are the first call our clients make. But, every once in a while, and certainly in the case of many appeals, we are not the first criminal defense law firm our clients have worked with.

Here is a list of smart questions you should be ready to ask when selecting criminal defense representation.

What is your experience and does your firm focus on criminal defense law?

Experience really is everything when hiring a criminal defense attorney. Attorneys who spend their time working in family law, or simple DUI charges, are not going to deliver the same level of representation as a dedicated criminal defense attorney.

What can I expect through this process?

Here is another are where experience matters. Your criminal lawyer  will be able to explain what happens if you plead guilty or go to trial. He will also be able to walk you through the potential sentence you are facing, as well as his strategy for your defense.

Who will be handling my case, who can I look to day-to-day?

Will a less experienced associate be your main contact, or will the experience of your tested attorney be available to you day and night? How can you contact the attorney and how responsive is he to your needs?

Attorney David Joffe has handled hundreds of complex criminal defense cases in both federal and state courts. His responsiveness and dedication to each client has been recognized by his peers and the larger legal community. Call Attorney David Joffe, don’t gamble with your future.

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